Aussies getting ripped off by Motorcycle Billet Bling..
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Thread: Aussies getting ripped off by Motorcycle Billet Bling..

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    Default Aussies getting ripped off by Motorcycle Billet Bling..

    Hey fellas,

    Long time reader and lurker. Thought I'd share a story and see if anyone here can offer some help and/or advice.

    Mate of mine and I both ride 2014's. I've got the silver LE and he has a bumblebee Boss. Doing the usual hunt for aftermarket bits and pieces and found an awesome looking black derby cover with a clear perpex piece in the centre. Wicked. A little pricey cause of the exchange rate but we bit the bullet and made an order and begun the wait. And waited. And waited. And did a little more waiting. Three months go by and it's time to start making calls and emails. Initially, all good. Just back ordered. Had to make some more. And a few other excuses.

    But as time has gone on, we've come to the realisation that these *******s have taken our money and don't seem to have any intention of sending some parts in return. And after a little more research it looks like we're not the only ones to be paying for these dudes dinner with nothing in return.

    Motorcycles Billet Bling, also known as R.I.S. designs have stopped taking our calls and haven't returned an email for weeks. And have happily taken almost $500AUS from us for the privilege!!!

    If anyone out here in M109Riders land can offer some input, or some assistance, or some advice, or a personal number that I can start calling Ricky in his time off while he enjoys spending my money, it would be very appreciated.

    Thanks team,


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    This thread was started in January. Scroll through the thread. Ricky's phone numbers and email is in there. Apparently you're not the only one, and it isn't limited to customers over seas. Good luck.

    2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

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