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    M109R 6” Exhaust
    The renovation of REVO exhaust primarily focuses on super bass sounds. If you are familiar with super bass stereo sets, you would understand most of them are sized between 10-12 inches and are heavy enough to make such low-pitch sound. If the speaker system is not strong enough, it could be resonate with the speaker itself and thus the sound will be out of tune.
    Cruiser’s exhaust sound has been dominated by Harley for more than a century. Until recently, people have begun to realize how lower roar fit the image of a muscle bike. The old potato sound or horse's hoof sound of Harley is no longer qualified as the masculine concept of a muscle bike.
    We laser cut a 2mm iron sheet and roll it into a pipe by hand. The stock exhaust often uses iron sheet that is only 1mm or less to manufacture the muffler body in order to cut cost. It is no doubt that 2mm is thick and firm enough. Furthermore, we use fiber cotton and steel wool to modify the sound, mainly erase the higher-pitch one. Meanwhile, the muffler has installed an area for proper resonation, and the bass sound will be tuned and amplified here before sending out. Of course this is an important design for the back pressure of our exhaust.
    Those who have installed our 6” exhaust would understand the toughness of our product, because our pipe is a full steel chromed muffler body with CNC end tip. Adding with the 2mm thick REVO Cannon muffler, the total firmness is way better than the stock one. We highly value safety and if an accident do occurred, our exhaust could withstand more than 800 pound of weight and could avoid tragedy such as the bike crush on the rider’s leg. It is because I have watched some M109R crash site photo and most of the modified exhaust was squashed like a piece of paper.
    Maybe you will doubt the performance of REVO 6” exhaust. Actually the performance was already modified and enhanced in the front and collector pipe, the exhaust body only determines the sound and the back pressure. Therefore, REVO exhaust could reach as low as 50Hz which is the best of the best in the business. If you want your M109R to have an awesome super bass sound like a beast roar, REVO Cannon Monster Pipe is your best choice!

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    You should try making a 4" and a little shorter and not angled upward JMO.
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