ROX Speed risers
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Thread: ROX Speed risers

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    Default ROX Speed risers

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    Those would scare me.

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    Default 100% recommend.

    I got the 2" on my wife's Victory Vegas (link). Turned out to provide the ultimate control in rise vs pull. Also allowed to go to the extreme maximum we could go without new cables. If you are okay with the look, these provide more flexibility than anything else to get the best fit (in our case, it was crucial since wife is 5'2")

    When deciding whether to get them, lots of online comments from people that never used them said "too dangerous". But all people that used them never had a problem. Did no find any problem stories.

    First, there is no reason for these to be worse them the stock system you already have. I have never had properly tightened handlebars roll on me. These use the exact same system we already have on our bikes (a tube squeezed in a clamp). You just have four instead of two. But there is no reason the second would be weaker than the original, and the connections are independent.

    Second, this system is used in ADV and Dual-sports bikes : much more demanding than our type of riding.

    Third, these are really heavy-duty. I seem to remember they felt heavier than the whole handlebar.

    Just make sure they are appropriately tighten (just like normal handlebar), and everything will be fine... no reason not to be. If you trust the usual two-pieces riser+handlebar system, there is no reason you should not trust this system. If you do not trust the Rox risers, than you should not trust the stock 109 two-pieces riser+handlebar and get a one-piece handle/risers.

    EDIT: we have had them for one-year. it's the black ones. no discoloration so far.

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    i have the 2 inch on my 9 and love them they now move the bars back and down to make it just right for me

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    Default Got these, want to install...

    Hey fellow Milwaukeean. Are you still here, do you have the 9 you refer to in this thread still with the risers on? I bought these and have yet to put them on as I'm a bit cautious. Tried without removing the headlight, thinking that may help me see/move cables for fitment with the hopes I don't have to replace anything. How'd they install for you?

    Quote Originally Posted by jerrythekingpin View Post
    i have the 2 inch on my 9 and love them they now move the bars back and down to make it just right for me

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    If I wanted to rise my bars, I would rather go with a replacement than an extension.
    Power, looks and style ... nuff said !!

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