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    Political threads have never been allowed in OTE. Granted we have allowed quite a few that probably shouldn't have been, and they usually stay until they either turn into an argument or too many folks start reporting the posts because they are political.

    So we'll try to define this better.

    1. If the thread or any post in it mentions Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Tea Party, or any other way that a politically affiliated party can be mentioned, it's political.

    2. If it mentions the President, the House, Senate, Congress, or any other part of government, either state or Federal, it is political.

    3. If it mentions any laws passed by any branch of government, and the law doesn't involve motorcycles, it is political. Motorcycle related laws are allowed as this is a motorcycle board.

    So anything that hits any of those 3 basic types will be deleted. And if there's something that I forgot to mention and it is deemed to be political, it will be deleted and added to this list.

    And calling everyone that doesn't share the same views "sheeple" is starting to get irritating as well.
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