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    Beginning today, any signature image that is over 400 pixels in height will be deleted. The size limit is in the forum rules and we've gotten lax about enforcing them. I PM or remove at least one or two signature images each day that are way over the limit.

    Here's a link to the rules, you can see in red where the image size is defined. Width isn't usually an issue as long as they don't go over 800 pixels and run off the page, but anything bigger than 400 pixels in height just takes up too much room. So if you notice your signature image is missing, you can safely assume it was over the limit.

    Forum Rules and Guidelines (Read Before Posting)

    It's not bad taking care of them once in a while, but it's just gotten out of hand. And some folks keep doing it over and over. You may still see one that is too large once in a while as it will take time for all of them to show up, but we will take care of them as they do.

    And if you stack a bunch of text under the image, you can't use a full size image. Please keep that in mind too.
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