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    Met a guy this morning here in the Delta passing through the Blues Trail on a Honda Shadow traveling from Memphis to New Orleans. He was from Alberta, Canada. He said work had come to nothing and he felt the need to relieve and get on the road. There is no other way to travel in my book but by motorcycle. Wish I could have joined him. True you cant dwell on the threat of wrecking nor let any other person dwell on it for you.

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    The point is .. its not really the Bike but the person that sits on its saddle...
    I have one of each.. the 9 is my "Solo only" fun bike and i have a Road glide... when I ride the 9 and it get the looks .. i let it "Speak" for itself.. I even ride it to Harley Dealer events and it gets alot of looks as well.. and truth be told.. dont hear peopel talking bad about it..

    guess its where you live and the type of people... truth be told.. you get the same type of people on 9's as well... just start a debate about the 9, the Vrod, and the Warrior - which ever you own is going to be the best.. and No one is going to put their own bike down.. human nature... we should all just worry about getting along and enjoying the ride... JMO

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    Just poking through the forum and stumbled across this thread. Reminded me of something I heard the other day.

    "Harley's are like a**holes-everybody's got one".

    How'd you like to have a Street Glide? Stop at a bar, come on out and spend 20 minutes trying to figure out which bike is yours? Not dissing-they make a nice bike, but are just too common, no originality there.

    Saw a Triumph meme a while back-chick on a Bonnie. "Oh, you ride a Harley? You're such a rebel." While parked in front of a parking lot full of them.
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