I recently joined the CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association), and we are holding our 2nd annual Fisher House benefit ride on September 10. The Milwaukee VA hospital is building a new spinal treatment center, which service members and veterans from all over the country will utilize if need be. The Fisher House is a "home away from home" for their families. If the service member or veteran does need to come to Milwaukee for any reason, the Fisher House is there for the family to stay free of charge, so they can be with their loved one during their treatment. Last year the CVMA raised over $8000 just on our first ride, and this year is projected to be a lot bigger, which means more money to get this built.

If you are unable to make the ride, and still want to help out, I can accept donations of any amount, and I'll see what I can do for those who choose to donate. Otherwise, come down to Milwaukee on the 10th for a great day, with a great ride planned through some nice scenic routes. After the ride we will be having an after party with food, drink, live music, raffles, and good friends.

This isn't a Cruiser only ride, there are quite a few people in our chapter who ride Ninja's and R1's, and I've talked to a few sport bike riders around Madison who will be going as well.

If anyone is a combat vet with verified time in a combat zone, and are interested in joining the CVMA, let me know and I can get you in touch with a state rep... this isn't a shameless recruiting plug, we have chapters in every state, and several thousand members at home and deployed, however from personal experience, joining this club has been one of the best choices I've made in a while. Any time I have problems in life, no matter what's going on, they've been there to help me through it. The only requirements are verified combat service annotated on your 214 and/or a campaign medal.. and a motorcycle above 500cc's, which anyone here should have .