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    Default Elko Jamboree

    Thought I would post this info as it isn't too far from home for the Utah crowd. Unfortunately I won't be going as that falls right on my 5th anniversary. Somehow I don't think my wife would find a bike rally is a very romantic way to spend an anniversary. :)


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    My wife and I are hoping to catch the Rally on the Saturday but we will be on our harleys. One of our sister POW/MIA groups is based in Elko and they run a few events during the rally so we try and come and support them.
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    Default Wendover

    I was in Elko last weekend for a graduation. I wasn't on the bike as I had my family with me, but saw a nicely customized orange 109 gassing up there. He had done a lot of custom work, not just adding on aftermarket parts. I talked to him for a bit. He said he had built his own grill for it, and the pipes were completely custom. He cut off the back 1/2 of the factory pipes and fitted them with 2 turnouts that were made for diesel trucks. The look of them reminded me a lot of the sideburner pipe, and it had a nice sound. Wish I had that kind of skill!
    I did drive past the Wendover rally and was really wishing I had my bike there.......

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