Hyperchargers left side drain fix
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Thread: Hyperchargers left side drain fix

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    Default Hyperchargers left side drain fix

    Does anybody have the post for the member that plugged the left side drain on the hyperchargers, I saw it on here once and it was a real good job, my delivery date is tomorrow so would like to get er done all on Sat, but want to get rid of that left side hole,

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    Check this out, post #36 by Square Rounder. I'm not sure what he used, but he also mentioned in another post in that thread that someone had fitted a piece of aluminum roof flashing in the drain slot and polished it.


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    That was what I used to plug mine. I cut aluminum roof flashing to fit inside and out, bent them to shape, polished the exposed side of the outside piece and used double sided tape to stick the two together.

    Looks like this:

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