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    Quote Originally Posted by pynikal View Post
    you would think that it is just a computer program that runs it. its probably the fact that no one there is competent enough it put it in the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVZuki View Post
    What I fail to understand is why DLP cannot say on the website how many items they have in stock and if an item is already on back order. Many websites do this. DennisKirk, MotorcycleSuperstore...etc. Perhaps it is just an issue of resources on DLP's part where they do not have the capital to invest in the tracking of their inventory to utilize this type of a function....

    I asked them about this when they goofed up my recent order for a set of lowering bones... the answer was that the functionality that we all want would require a significant investment in a different inventory management & software package.

    Translation: what you're asking for would cost more money than we are willing to invest for your satisfaction. (or more money than they HAVE to invest??)

    Now in thier defense, maybe it would cost money, but what value can you place on customer service and loyalty? It's either a cost they're not willing to pay, or one that they can't pay and still maintian their margins... I do recall a thread a while back discussing the idea that Hal MIGHT have been looking for a buyer... but I don't recall the thread nor do I want to quote any inaccurate phrases... I just know that ultimately its a business decision, and I have to respect the idea that DLP Senior Leadership is making the best decisions in the interest of the business and the consumer. It's still best to call them before you place an order to see what's in stock.

    I think it's unfortunate, but I've been a Raider's Fan for years... I still pull for my team even when they embarras the hell outta me... (and them selves)... so, I still have faith in DLP to make the best decision for their business... I know, I'm in the minority, but I guess I'm just that kind of guy

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    Since DLP said my cable wasn't due in until 7/23, I called Barnett and they said the cable was in stock. I called DLP back back and told them this and they said they didn't know why then they aren't due to receive their order for another two weeks. I called Barnett back and they said it's because DLP placed a $3K order with them and it will be that long before they can fill DLP's order. I guess some things are just beyond DLP's control...

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    DLP does a great job,, when they have the parts in stock.

    Problem is they sell stuff they don't have in the warehouse. Thus the delay. This practice is no different than any other parts supplier.

    Sure it would be cool if their website was linked to their inventory system and told you up front that the item was "out of stock" so you can shop elsewhere.

    I guess they are just not that integrated (yet) or just don't want you to know the inventory status.
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