109 Riders in Connecticut for May OCC
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Thread: 109 Riders in Connecticut for May OCC

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    Default 109 Riders in Connecticut for May OCC

    Hello All:

    I had the chance to ride with the New England Group a couple of weeks ago. It was a great time. I was planning on making the May OCC Event. Looking to see if anyone was interested in making a group ride to meet up with Hink for the Nine ride in.

    Ride Safe!!!
    Some rides are sweeter than others, but a 9's not bad.

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    I was planning on going but cant get the time off

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    I would have loved to have gone to the OCC..,... But had a busy weekend getting set up to finish up our Lumber Jack,and Lanscaping job for monday...

    We did go last year,and was a good time,and also an awesome ride on the way up,and back...

    We also got to see a lot of these guy's on the round trip!..
    ...Having a radar Detector is a great thing!..

    They find any reason to bust us BIKER'S!!..
    The Dumb Assz cager's are the one's that don't pay "ATTENTION" to anything around them!!!...Especially motorcycle's!!!!.....Go bust their Dumb Asszs for reckless driving!
    We will be there next year for sure....
    I hope ya'll had a Great time,and a very Enjoyable,and Safe ride up,and Safely back home...

    Take Care,Ride Safe!....

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