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Thread: Ellicott City Motorsport-600 Mile Service

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    Question Ellicott City Motorsport-600 Mile Service


    Newbie here and wanted to check a couple of things

    Did anyone on here have his first service done at Ellicott City Motorsport? If yes how was the service? I am due for my first service and read some stuff about how some stealers basically just give you an oil change and charge you like they've done all the required work.

    Secondly, I read on the general forum that one's warranty could be voided if you do not perform your service at your original dealer. Is this accurate, or rather the person meant it has to be done at a Suzuki Certified Shop? I purchased my baby at Heyser but Ellicott Motorsport is closer to me so I wanted to service there. They are both Suzuki certified.

    And finally is there any truth to the assertion that if one goes over the 600 mile mark without the first service the warranty is voided? I am currently at 609 miles and would be around 630 when it gets to the stealership.

    Please advise.
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    I bought my bike there. Jessica in service seems to on top of things. But I service my own bike. If you keep records and your receipts and do the work yourself, it will not void your warranty. Hope to see you on an up coming ride.
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