Anyone upgrade their clutch to new model?
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Thread: Anyone upgrade their clutch to new model?

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    Default Anyone upgrade their clutch to new model?

    I have a 2008LE with about 7,000 miles on it and my clutch has locked up. I had to trailer it home and have not torn into it yet, but I am assuming it is the infamous tubular nut issue. Before I do this, I was wondering if anyone has upgraded their older (pre 2010) clutch to the newer one which I believe is just an additional plate and different springs? Is it noticeably worth it OR just replace what I currently have since I will be in there OR just tighten up the tubular nut with red lock tight and call it a day if I get in there and find that is the only issue? If anyone recommends updating, could you possibly send me a parts list of everything I will need to buy and where the best prices might be? Thank you.

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    Personally I would open it up and see what your existing clutch looks like before ordering a new one.......unless you have deep pockets and don't mind spending the cash.

    If the problem turns out to be only the tube nut, then your existing plates could very well be good for tens of thousands of miles yet.

    Only way to find out is to crack it open and take a look.


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