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12-08-2015, 02:13 AM
REVO is derived from the word “Revolution”, which is a step higher than evolution. In other word, it could be referred as innovation.
REVO is hoping to hold a unique and unorthodox mindset in inventing every aftermarket products and custom motorcycles. In such way, we hope our customers could all satisfied with our products and enjoy being unique in each and every field. REVO has sold to more than a dozen countries with hundreds of customers around the world, we also accumulating many riders here in Taiwan through selling different motorcycles. Not only did we provide professional and carefulness in maintaining their bikes, but also help elevating their recreational life is what we values here in REVO.

For the past two years, REVO Bikers has traveled all across Taiwan, and we have bonded through every single ride. REVO Biker is not a term to limit our riders into a team so to achieve big goals, we just hoping each and every biker could be as consistent as a bolt that shares the same interest and believe through our love in motorcycle. With this indivisible attachment, we are taking the word “revolution” to a whole new chapter.