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10-15-2015, 05:17 AM
To boldly predict the future Suzuki M109r, we could actually take a second to rewind the evolution of VL1500. VL1500 aka C90/C1500 was born in 1998 and underwent the first modification in 2005. The most significant change of the second gen C1500 wasnít on the exterior but was on the inside. The unique design of installing the direct injection system, even the air cold design, and located the battery on the gas tank position and the gas tank under the seats. These arrangementscoincidentally identical to the 2000 year model V-Rod and the second gen C1500 last till 2010. The third gen (2011-on) was a drastic redesigned model in terms of exhaust system, computer and even body structure and exterior. They only remain the piston and cylinder size of the bike from the previous designs. C90 series also divided into a sub branch resembling M109r which is called the M90, M stands for sporty, which could even been interpreted as an expansion of the M109 family.
From the above analysis, we could understand that its major modification was through 2010-2012, which is coincidental to Yamaha or Honda. You may notice that VTX or Shadow remain the same for all those years; even VStar maintained the same for ages. The reason why is really simple, as long as it is a big hit, donít change a thing! And when the market starting to fade out, they could definitely embarked on a major alteration to ensure sales. M109 has been selling more than a hundred thousand bikes worldwide since its release in 2006, which is the best selling bike apart from GSXR1000, thus Suzuki wonít easily modify it that is for sure.
However, from the latest Suzukiís sportbike we could easily noticed the trend of Brembo one piece caliper and ABS, these could actually fits to the 109 (except ABS software should be developed to read ECU data). Therefore, from my perspective, if Suzuki wants to maintain this muscle bike product line, these could not be missing from the standard specs and should even add the six speed gear box to the lineup.:doorag::doorag::doorag:

10-15-2015, 05:02 PM
The one thing I miss is ABS and if the EU have their way......