Hey, I know it's short notice, but there will be a biker rally in Sabula, IA which is just across the Mississippi River from Savanna, IL.
Here is the website: http://www.thehorserally.com/
I'd have thought that they'd have had it a little more complete, but you know how bikers are...always out in the wind rather than keeping track of things on the computer..

Anyway, I'll be there Sunday judging the MMA fights once again. I did this over Memorial Day weekend and had a great time! They'll be having another one there over Labor Day weekend.

It is held in a natural bowl atop the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River and it was a pretty good time, although it's not the largest rally that I've ever been to. There is plenty of good riding up in that area and the weather looks to be perfect for have some fun on 2 wheels. I'll be the REALLY big guy with the black 109 with a driver's backrest parked by the cage during the fights.