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Mine came from my dirt bike days. You know the feeling? you guys remember right? That first ride, they told you to give it a little gas and leave the clutch out slowly and just give it a little more throttle!! And hello you pegged the throttle dumped the clutch, folded the rear fender in half, fell on the ground and watch the bike aimlessly carem accross the yard and slam into a house or through a fence! Or riding through the desert and coming up on a ditch that the rain made that wasn't there last week!!! Not much else you can do but twist and hang on!!! Sure some of you fellas have experienced whiskey throttle in your life time?

That's why I picked that name. If there is one thing I will never forget about learning to ride is my first whiskey throttle..

My first wiskeythrottle was on my friends brand new KX80. He insisted that I take it for a spin every time I was at his house. I finally took it for a spin just to get him off my back. First lap around the house was fine. Starting the second lap, I was getting confident and took the corner heading into the back yard a bit fast. The fence was coming up fast and then.....wiskeythrottle. He was pissed. Clutch lever broke and I never rode it again. 20 years later I had a KDX200 that I loved to ride on the trails. When I came up on steep hills or jumps....wiskeythrottle. Now I stay on the streets. So far no wiskeythrottle, just throttle. Cool name. Every time I see your name, I think about the movie On Any Sunday (The best dirt bike movie documentary).