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One of the best features of the Condor chock is that it doesn't require binding down the front end of the bike. I apply down and side tension to the middle of the bike and it stays put.

My dual axel trailer has brakes on both axels. (biker chicky)

The problem with a single axel trailer (though easier to pull) is possible instability if one of the tires has a blowout. And that is a real possibility. Also, the dual axel trailer will be more stable in cross winds and rough roads. I don't need to use stabilization jacks when loading motorcycles on the trailer, even when it's disconnected from the tow vehicle.

I have never carried more than one bike at a time, but if I did, I'd try to load one facing the front and one facing the back.
Thanks for those tips. We made it to Vegas in every weather extreme including snow, hail, dust storms with lightning and the Wind was in the mix with it all, it was reported 40 mile an hour winds and just our luck we got the wind for the entire trip at verying speeds! Only had approx 1 hour brake from it, here's the tight squeeze, the bikes made it through the crazy weather. New tires all around, thank god, figured we'd give our friend a new set for lending the trailer to us, hubby did the lights and bearings as well.

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