Hey guys... been a while since I've been on here, but when you need expert advice.... you come to this forum!! So anyways, I had put an integrated tail light on my 109 two years ago, everything was fine and then late last season it went out, while the bike was at the dealer they put a new one on the bike for me, lasted literally 200 mils and I lost all the lights but the bottom 3.... after searching this forum for answers, I saw that a few members have taken them apart and fixed them. which I what I tried to do... I now have all my lights back and the turn signals work again, problem is I have brake lights all the time. my question is, is there a short somewhere do you think, or solder making a jumper on the boards, I was gonna take the whole thing apart and try and clean up the solder joints but wondering if you guys have any input... I'm sure this kind of post has been beaten to death but any help and info would be more than appreciated and helpful... thanks again guys